Chapter 16 - Other Paperbacks on Substantive Law

Usually, there will also be inexpensive paperback books available which cover substantive areas, such as probate, punitive damages, real estate, etc. These are also very good to have and highly recommended. On-line research sources as recommended early in this book are good, but there is just "something" about having a quick reference book where you can flip a few pages and find your answer. While such books exist in raw form (statutes only), get the ones with commentary and case law cites.

These books are not a substitute for a good on-line subscription service. But you will find yourself being more productive not having to go on-line all the time when a clear answer is right in that little book - right where you expect to find it. When you know the answer is in Section 51.002 or 51.003 of the Property Code, that little book will get you there at lightning speed compared to on-line sources. This is especially helpful when sitting with a client and discussing the law of his case. The on-line stuff is better for gaining a "deeper" understanding of some nuance that is not covered so well in the nifty, little book.

2015, Jeff M