Chapter 11 - Real Estate

A good many lawyers would love to crank out deeds all day. It is easy work. However, it is not likely any will get the volume necessary to sustain a full-time real estate practice. Know real estate because you need to know it, you will enjoy doing it, and it is a nice break from litigation and the daily grind of trying to pull teeth.

Real estate litigation also erupts on a regular basis. Understand real estate. You should become familiar with the basics of real estate conveyances. These include how reservations and exceptions work and what happens when they fail or were not mentioned in the conveying instruments. Other important topics include adverse possession, trespass and easements (whether implied, by adverse possession, estoppel, etc.). The basic idea that drives so many doctrines surrounding real estate is this: "A grantor cannot convey a larger estate than he possesses." The validity and enforcement of restrictive covenants are also important.

2015, Jeff M