Chapter 5 - Which Practice Areas?

This is not as tough a choice as some would make it. The answer is straight-forward. Go with the masses and be versatile.

Many attorneys have some attraction to mastering some cryptic area in the law where only spiders dare venture. Maybe it lends to the coupling of pride and mystique.

But reality is different for the masses, and if a young attorney is fumbling around trying to figure out how to start a practice - and even whether he or she can succeed - this young attorney is what is nowadays considered "typical." The typical attorney is not going to succeed by hanging a shingle with a sign that says, "We specialize in environmental law."

The following chapters briefly explore the various staples out there. With the exception of criminal law, a solo attorney is well-advised to have a solid working knowledge of all the areas discussed. They are intertwined. You cannot master one without being a jack of trades in the others. There are not too many areas, and you will not learn all of them overnight. But learn them, you must. Do not be afraid to take on cases before you feel confident in a certain area. This is discussed more in the chapter on "Versatility."

2015, Jeff M